What exactly does Northern Security Systems do???

The short answer is that we supply, install, monitor and service security systems. The detailed explanation is as follows:


If you are looking for a system that is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but still uses high quality components, you may be interested in one of our basic packages. However, if you are looking for system that is more customized to your needs, then give us a call or email us to have a security consultant contact you. We will arrange to visit your premise and sit down with you to discuss what concerns you have and why you are considering a security system. Until we know what the problems or concerns are, we can't help you solve them. Our next step would be to tour your premise to see what you would require in the form of protection. Once we have established your vulnerabilities, we can then devise a plan to protect your home or business. At this time we would prepare a detailed quotation explaining what products would be installed in your premise and where.


After helping you choose a system that meets your needs, the next most important thing we do is to install it properly. It is critical that the correct devices are used. Many companies will standardize on a few products and make due with what they have. Cabling can be a major concern. Will it be just surfaced stapled to your baseboard or down you wall? We conceal all wiring where possible (some times it's not and we will tell you up front) and all of our connections are soldered or proper connectors are used. Neatness counts, we bring our own vacuum and we do use it. Instruction is very important, most false alarms are caused by human error. We give you a lesson on how to use the system before we leave and you also receive a manual for your system. The last thing we say is "if you have any questions, please give us a call". These are just some of the things that make us different than the other guys.


Not all companies provide the same service for your monitoring dollar.


The monitoring station is ULC listed and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


It has up to date receiving equipment which allow us to transfer information quicker to the authority of your choice.


It is not a single person operated station.


We check our reports daily for incidents and service requirements and follow up with our customers accordingly.


We keep our customers up to date on police policies, parts insurance plans and other important issues through a newsletter which we also send out every four months. (please see our latest copy on our   newsletter page of this website)


We include normal wear and tear service in our monitoring fee for residential systems we install.




Service is very important to us at Northern Security Systems. This is why when we are on the phone with another customer, or if we have to step out of the office, we have voice mail for you to leave a message for us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, the monitoring station will page someone twenty four hours a day. Communication is the cornerstone of service, which is why our staff are equipped with cellular phones and pagers. At Northern Security Systems we do our very best, every day, to satisfy our customers needs. This could explain why we derive approximately 85% of our business through referrals.


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